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Click the button below if you’re able to help raise funds for our comrades in Nigeria. Oil pollution forces many in Nigeria to rely on imports for necessary supplies, like food. With lockdown in place due to COVID-19 and extremely harsh policing, many in Nigeria are finding it harder and harder to get food and basic medical supplies. Mutual aid has it’s limitations, but this is a crucial moment for us to support our Nigerian comrades and their organizing efforts. Any help at all is greatly appreciated! The button below links to a GoFundMe page we’ve set up to raise funds:

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Educational Examples

I’m a qualified research scientist, yes, but no, I’m not qualified to do whatever the hell this series is. Read it anyways!

System Assessments

How do our current socioeconomic systems function? What aspects of these systems allow for (or even require) exploitation? How can we restructure systems to better address the material needs of everyone? What specific features allow for the continuation of unjust systems?

Tasks and Perspectives

Perspectives on leftist ideas and objectives, as well as how we ought to consider going about these objectives.

Rogue reviewer: radical or recuperation?

Is what we’re seeing revolutionary, or merely spectacle? Are revolutionary ideas being commodified? How do we identify when this is happening?

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Unite4Action-Nigeria organizing initiative

To learn more about what our organizing goals are, as well as to access educational materials, check out Unite4Action-Nigeria organizing objectives. If you’d like to help us pay for organizing materials (e.g. laptop, transportation, printing, etc), consider contributing to our Unite4Action-Nigeria GoFundMe


Find materials and information about a US Rent Strike―the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in mass unemployment, yet there has been no freeze on rent or mortgage payments. The severity of the outbreak is largely due to political officials failing to take the outbreak seriously, all while they sold off stocks to protect their own investment portfolios. While the stimulus package provides trillions of dollars for corporate bailouts, average Americans have offered a mere one-time check of $1200 (many people without work don’t even qualify for this). If nothing changes, US inequality is on track to rapidly get worse.

If you’re interested in socialist organizing in the US, considering becoming a member of the revolutionary group Socialist Resurgence

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